our faq’s



We will book an initial appointment with you. We will want you to do most of the talking! We want to hear your plans, your colors, style, etc. If we are meeting with you we kinda assume that you like the pictures we make, and you're happy with the investment required so we really don't have to say anything but we need to know what is in your mind so we can record the day the way you want.

The "Reveal" appointment. This is where we will reveal to you the pictures from your wedding day in a variety of ways, usually a movie. You'll be given a link to a private gallery where you can examine the pictures in your own time.

That sales appointment. About a month after the Reveal, we will meet with you again to go over your album and print order.

Posing: The Wedding Formals


This is a word which seems to strike fear into brides (and especially) grooms. Will we pose you?

Yup we will.

Will it hurt?

Well mostly no, okay no of course it will not hurt!

We understand, we get it. You're nervous, you're likely tense as you have just completed the ceremony. You're happy the officiant got your grooms name right (sometimes that doesn't go so well!).

That stress is beginning to bleed off and then suddenly your photographer is asking you to bend like a pretzel?

Seriously, we try to pose as little as possible as it can interrupt the flow of those formals. Also we are desperately aware of just how precious your time is in that slot between the ceremony and your grand entrance.

Our posing approach is to start you posed as if for a more formal picture but to allow you to move around within a "window". In fact the best images can come from that time when you do