Boudoir – faqs



Where do you offer shoots?

We offer shoots in several different locations including your own home and some hotels.

Can you offer me help and advice before the shoot? I have never done anything like this before!

Absolutely! We want you to look your stunning best so we will advise on your outfit selection as well as working with our makeup artist on the look that you are seeking.

During the shoot you'll be given advice and guidance on how to pose to accentuate the gorgeous in you! We are in this together to create fantastic images!

Do I get the digital images of my photos?

With all our collections you will receive some digital images, some will be for social media use and others can be used to produce high quality prints.


How far in advance do I need to come for my shoot?

The main time "driver" here is getting your album prepared, printed, and sent here from Italy. The actually sending part is very quick. Usually no more than 5 days but to be safe you should be booking your shoot about two months before you actually need the results.

Will you post my photos online?

The only time you will see your images online (social media etc.) is if you give express permission to for us to do so through a signed model release and we will walk you through what the release does and does not allow. Let me say that one more time, we will NOT post any pictures to any public forum without your express permission, ever!