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Studio updates.

Missing: Presumed Lost, Quick Update

Last time I wrote everyone I was talking about M:PL as a feature script. I’d gotten my coverage notes back from my friend and was starting the re-write process.

Since then, I’ve had my con-call with Joanna and we came to a spectacular conclusion! I’m not writing a feature, I’m writing an episodic!

To be fair, after I sent in my draft to Joanna I’d been thinking about whether it was really a feature or a series, actually even during the writing process my UCLA classmates and teacher were wondering about the fact that I had more plot than pages!

So we’re changing direction. I’m currently starting to write a show bible, this isn’t too hard as mostly I have it all in my head. Now the job is going to be expanding on what I have so that it will fit into a 10 episode arc.

Then, it’s off to Amazon, Netflix, Apple… oh wait! Gotta shoot something first? Or not. To Pitch or Not to Pitch, that is the question lol!

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