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Studio updates.

Missing: Presumed Lost

No, that is not where I am right now though I do sympathize with the sentiment. This is the title (at the moment) of the script I’m writing and here is the IMDb page. Now unless you’re an IMDbPro member I am guessing that you can’t see it, but it is there and looks awesome in it’s sparseity.

M:PL is my script, I dig shorthand and typing that out all the time was going to be a measurable pain so, ta da, I come up with a handy dandy acronym. I can tell you about the story, since it is registered with the WGA. What is the WGA I hear those not in the movie industry cry. Stick around till the end and I’ll tell you. M:PL is actually a Sci-Fi story that focuses on one woman’s identity issues against a backdrop of humanities potential annihilation. So no biggie!

I’m studying filmmaking at UCLA Extension, I have a long, storied background in stills photography but have had an itch for some years to get involved in the moving picture side of the business. I’m a movie nut. I would tell you how many movies I have bought on iTunes but I am sure I’d get into hot water if I did and someone else saw! I buy them because you get all those extras, the behind the scenes stuff that makes sense when you’ve had a little education. After a decade or two of watching this, a ton of movies and reading anything and everything you can lay hands on about how to make movies, some of it sticks. Eventually that just runs out so at my wife’s suggestion I sign up for a Certificate in Cinematography at UCLA Extension.

There are a bunch of what I call “beginner” classes that are mandatory for the certificate so I started with the first intending to work my way down the list. The first class was titled “Pre-Production and Production for Film and Television. Catchy! Actually I loved this class. Taught by Jennie Lew Tugend (go check IMDb, okay click here, lazy!) she opened by asking whether we knew what a Producer did? None of us really did. She laughed and said that was fine as half of Hollywood didn’t know either. What followed was a wonderful 11 week journey through the function of a Producer. I gotta say that she nearly had me hooked but I have zero patience and even less diplomacy (perfectly suited to being a DP (Director of Photography) then huh?

Okay, back to M:PL, we have the first draft completed. No you’re not going to see it. I have had my friend Joanna Ke of ScriptMasters who has provide 15 pages of coverage, so the second draft is in progress. I’ll let you know how it goes… and how the body count goes!

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