How many of you know that this year is the 50th anniversary of the movie Bonnie & Clyde starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway? Perhaps you remember them from the rather ill-fated Best Movie announcement at the 2017 Oscars?

The movie was set in 1934, pre-war and Depression-era Texas. Bonnie Parker is a bored waitress and a chance meeting with Clyde Barrow offers an exciting escape from her humdrum existence. An intense physical relationship develops between the two almost instantly as they pull their first raid on a store just a few moments after meeting. The rest is movie history.

We decided to make a little contemporary homage to the movie. Click here to see the movie and below are some of the stills from the set. Click here to see the full gallery

Hope you enjoy!



Videographer/Cinematographer Tessa Schutz,
Instagram: @kranbox
Facebook: @kranboxvideo
Twitter: @tessashoots
Vimeo: Kranbox
YouTube: Kranboxvideo
Bonnie: Ashley Robinson, Instagram: @ashleyrobinsonl web:
Clyde: Andrew Long, web:
Producer/Stills Geoffrey Rowe,
Instagram: @museandcreator 
Facebook: @musecreator


Filmed exclusively and with thanks at Brick SD

Bonnie & Clyde



Our story starts at the beginning of the movie with Bonnie doing her makeup for another boring day of waitressing.









she spies a suspicious character prowling around her mothers car.....






One suspicious lookin' dude......




Of course we know how this ends up.... Bonnie does love the Benjamin's!





as does Clyde.....








setting up for a double-cross?