Our wedding collections start at $2,500 for basic wedding coverage. One thing to note here is that all our collections include what amounts to unlimited time covering your special day so there are no 6 hour collections, 8 hour etc.

The way we look at it, it is rather hard for us to cover two weddings in a day (read impossible) so why should we limit the time we will spend taking care of your needs? You are paying for our service so the least we should be doing is, umm, servicing your needs.


We LOVE shooting portraits (and headshots, they two are the same but slightly different).

Portraits are more environmental, so think of in your home or at a location which is special to you. Headshots are "divorced" from a location so we will use studio backdrops, mostly white or what is known as 18% gray, and focus specifically on you... your face, your emotion. This is huge fun as it's just you, me, and a camera!

Portrait and Headshot collections start from $250


We recognize that seniors demand more from their shoot and our Seniors collections start from $450. As well as bringing all our fashion shoot know-how to your shoot, our Seniors collection includes an makeup artist (MUA). You are going to look amazing! Guaranteed!


Truly the craze that is sweeping the nation, boudoir is now mainstream and we could not be happier. Styled to demonstrate the power and femininity, your boudoir shoot is going to rock! Naturally there is a makeup artist included with all our boudoir collections and our makeup artist will be with you 100% of the time to ensure that you always look your stunning best. Sessions can be booked either at your home or at a hotel location of your choice.

Whether you choose a boudoir session for yourself of as a wedding gift for your future husband you will be amazed at the results! Collections start from $650.

For complete details of our pricing click here and go to our fully interactive pricing sheet which allows you to pick collections and add-ons and create your order. If you need help of advice, email us or call 951.234.5079